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Double Row Wool Comb - Single Comb in Maple

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This high-quality wool hand comb is made right here at the shop with unmatched quality and craftsmanship!

This is for One Single Maple Comb. Maybe you have a Single or double Row Hackle and want to comb off it, or an extra to super process with both hands and a fixed comb in our combing pad?

Made with an ergonomic handle to easily and comfortably fit any size hands. These are easy to work with very efficient. This wool comb was developed with form and function in mind and we think they have a great balance of both. Lightweight and very durable with locally sourced high-grade Maple wood, this is a  high end, multi-purpose hand comb perfect for any fiber artist. 

The tines are 3/32 of an inch and are spaced 1/4 inch on center for a total of 23. The overall working width is 3 inches. The tines are 3 1/2 inches long. This hand comb is ideal for opening up and loosening fiber to prepare spinning fiber for carding. 

Wool Combs will help sort out various staple lengths as well as to get rid of unwanted debris and vegetation that is trapped in the fibers, not all, but most. Watch the video to learn how to use wool combs and why they are a wonderful tool to aid in the processing of wool and other fibers.

Anybody who knows Paradise Fibers Fiber tools will tell you these are skillfully crafted, paying attention to detail and durability.

A Combing Pad or "holder" can be found here.