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Paradise Fibers Grey Masham Wool

SKU: T195-16

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Our scrumptious Grey Masham Wool has a 38-44 Micron count and a superb staple length of 6-15 inches. This lustrous fiber is a delight for new spinners, and is best spun with only a slight twist as too much will result in a very coarse yarn, similar to Wensleydale. You won't be able to get enough of this ultra-soft roving that takes well to dyeing.

A successful crossbreed between either a Teeswater or Wensleydale ram with a Dalesbred or Swaydale Ewe results in this scrumptious and pearly fiber. Over 100 years ago in the northern hills of England the idea for this crossbreed began with the goal of creating a heartier and healthier breed. 

Fiber Details:

Microns: 38-44mic
Fibre Length: 
Top'Roving Length: 
4 metres per 100g
Top/Roving Width: 
1 inch