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Paradise Fibers Tawny Port Blend

SKU: PFCB-002-16
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Tawny Port is a luxuriously silky, soft, durable and exotic blend of:
35% Superfine 18.5 micron Merino Top in the colors: Ruby & Rust
25% Ruby Mulberry Silk
25% Baby Alpaca Top in the Natural Shades Grey & Black
15% Brown De-Haired Cashmere Top

Previously featured in our Fiber Of The Month Club Box paired with our custom Golden Lime Micro Blend ( A Superfine Merino, Soybean, Mulberry Silk, Angelina Blend). Tawny Port was designed to celebrate the start of Autumn with fashion-forward colors. Individually elegant and taking the red color family to new depths, Tawny Port is sophisticated, tasteful, and a dream to spin.

Our Exclusive to Paradise Tawny Port Fiber Blend features classic Autumnal shades that create a striking yarn when spun alone or paired with other classic shades to create a comforting seasonal feeling.  Garments made from this fiber should be hand washed and laid flat to dry. 

*yarn not included. Pictured to show an example of how the blend could turn out for you. The yarn is a single non plied yarn spun directly from the top.