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Blue Ridge Yarns Footprints Yarn

Can I just say? I LOVE sock knitting! It’s my go to travel knitting, in between project knitting, and all around potato chip project. I have knit with many different sock yarn brands, but one I have tried recently is the Blue Ridge Yarns Footprints. I love how this yarn comes with complimentary colors for the toes and cuffs. It’s so fun when you can find an accent color to really make your hand knit socks pop and this yarn comes with just the right amount of yarn for that special pop. After I received this yarn, I sat down on my back porch on our first nice spring day here in Spokane Washington with an afghan I crocheted last winter draped over my lap and cast on these socks with my usual HiyaHiya Sharp 24 inch circular needles in US size 1. Listening to the chirp of the birds and looking out to see the first green buds of grass peeking through the ground was really the most peaceful and relaxing way I could have started this project. As I transitioned from toe to foot portion of the sock I started to really enjoy the contrast between the bright green toe and the dark purple/blue main color. While knitting with this yarn I started to notice how springy and smooth this yarn is. I am currently working on the second sock and am having no problems with second sock syndrome as the pattern I am using is keeping me engaged and the yarn just makes this project fly. This yarn has a high twisted ply and is springy to the touch. This sock has a very sturdy feel to it making this a perfect sock yarn in my opinion.

I usually knit my personal recipe for vanilla socks which is knit toe up and cast on with Judy’s magic cast on, fish lips kiss heel, and cast off with Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off. And although I love that recipe, mostly because I have it memorized but also because the fit for me is perfect, I wanted to push myself to try something new. I have heard all about the Blueberry Waffle Sock pattern on knitting podcasts and how the fit is amazing. This pattern has been out for a while now as a free pattern on Ravelry but it seems that I am just late to the party. Knitting this pattern is a breeze because it is so memorizable and goes almost as quickly as my regular vanilla socks. I love the combination between the squishy yarn and the fabric the blueberry waffle sock pattern creates. It makes for a scrumptiously squishy sock with a very sturdy feel. I want to make one for everyone in my family now. I know I will definitely be making my dad some socks out of the Waterfall colorway which is a blue, brown, and grey main color with a dark grey accent. Perfect for my dad’s taste in color. I also really love the Daylilies colorway which is a purple, red/brown, and turquoise with a turquoise pop! So pretty! We have several colorways and all come with a complimentary color. We also have a ton of mini skeins called the Footlights that come in a four pack which would be so fun for multicolored socks! I would definitely recommend you give this yarn a try along with the blueberry waffle sock pattern. I hope you love it as much as I do! Happy sock knitting friends! Get your kit to knit a pair today.

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