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Dying the White Rabbit, an Adventure in Food Coloring Dyes. April 2018 Fiber Club Tutorial

Alice in Paradise Alice returns! Only this time after tumbling down the rabbit hole, she finds herself in an even curiouser and unfamiliar place. She’s swiftly greeted by a pink llama, taller than a sycamore tree, with abounding curls covering its dark blue eyes and wrapping around its knobby knees. “Hi-YA!” exclaims the pink llama, […]
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180° Hat by Stefanie Bold

I just have to share with you the latest hat I finished knitting.  First of all, let me just say that I love knitting hats.  As I have said before, knitting in the round cannot be beat and I really enjoy getting to finish a project in one sitting.  Hats are perfect to accomplish both […]
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Monster Knits

I think it goes without saying, I love knitting.  New patterns, yarns, techniques, gifts, you name it, I am always going to find a reason to knit.  Lately,  I have been inspired to knit monsters, maybe it’s because my wife and I have at least five friends expecting babies in the coming months!  I can only […]
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Finished Marled Magic

I finally finished my Marled Magic MKAL this weekend and could not be more excited!  I had way more fun than I ever thought I would have knitting something before I even knew what it would look like in the end.  It was an amazing experience that I would totally do again!  I think the […]
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The Last Clue: Marled Magic MKAL

The last clue was delivered early Friday morning as I peacefully slept.  I was so excited to get the pattern update downloaded and check out Stephen’s latest videos showing me what I would be knitting next.  The last clue gave the needed information to decide if you were going to make the large version of […]
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Blue Ridge Yarns Footprints Yarn

Can I just say? I LOVE sock knitting! It’s my go to travel knitting, in between project knitting, and all around potato chip project. I have knit with many different sock yarn brands, but one I have tried recently is the Blue Ridge Yarns Footprints. I love how this yarn comes with complimentary colors for the […]
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Elemental Affects Civility

American Made Yarn: For an amazing yarn made in America, look no further than Elemental Affects Civility Sport High Twist. This delicious blend of Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk is homegrown, hand-dyed and spun right here in the USA. This yarn is strong and durable due to its high twist, yet soft and squishy thanks […]
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Marled Magic Clue III

One more clue to go! Did you see what happened with clue 2?  It was a blast to knit!  After work last Friday, I got right on knitting the first part of the third clue.  This part is a super fun boomerang shape wedge that is knit off of the mesh section that started the […]
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Clue II: The Mystery Continues

Last Friday’s clue for the Marled Magic MKAL I am working on did not disappoint! I was so excited to see that one of my favorite stitches of all time was added to the shawl, the brioche stitch.  If you have never tried the brioche stitch this project is a great one to start with. […]
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What To Do With Scrap Yarn?

If you are anything like me, you have a TON of scrap yarn left overs from projects. I love sock knitting and have tiny little feet so I always have yarn left over from my sock projects. I also started spinning mostly fingering weight in small amounts and can’t figure out what to do with […]
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Marled Magic Mystery Shawl

My anticipation had been building for nearly two weeks.  Click here to read where my MKAL journey began. I woke up last Friday morning and could not wait to see if clue number one to my first every MKAL was available and IT WAS!  I don’t really know why I needed to have it available […]
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Heirloom Knitting for Newborns

How many of you can remember your favorite blanket from when you were a child?  I would venture that most kids have that go to snuggly blanket that their parents have to pry out of their hands just to wash it.  As a knitter or crocheter, I am sure you would agree that creating for babies […]
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