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Faces Of Paradise, Let’s talk with Rachel!


I got a chance to sit down with Rachel this week and have a chat with here, it was a lovely time and I learned all kinds of interesting things about her to share with you!

Rachel has worked at Paradise Fibers off and on for about 9 years! Of course she knits crochets, spins, weaves, felts, and does just about anything you can imagine with fiber.

What does she do around the shop? pretty much anything that needs to be done. She will take yarn orders, answer the phone, enter invoices, load pages onto the webpage, empty the garbage, pay bills, everything. Her absolute favorite thing is getting to help a customer purchase something for the first time, especially helping them to pick out the perfect loom, or wheel. It makes her feel all wiggly and excited like a beginner again to be able to help a customer with their new and perfect acquisition.

Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing by Frankie Brown

What is her favorite item in the shop, it was a major TIE between the Super Swift 2 and ALL THE NEW YARN, that you find in receiving. Can’t blame her really, both are amazing.

A Dog in Sheep’s Clothing by Kristin Nicholas

Rachel’s favorite animal is a sheep, and she would knit a sheep a sweater but probably a cotton sweater since a sheep in a wool sweater just sounds HOT. She prefers mustaches instead of any kind of beards, and would knit a fake mustache on a stick.

Moustache by Carol Meldrum

Rachel is working her way through a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is going to school fulltime as well as working at Paradise Fibers! She has experience with sheep and lambs, specifically lambing classes and even delivered two lambs one day when she returned home to find the mother in distressed labor. As you can see from her adorable picture above, both little lambs made it through just fine thanks to Rachel. She also used to raise Angora Rabbits and still loves them although she has developed an allergy to them.

Baby Bunnies by June Gilbank

What does Rachel like to do when she is not at work? She loves to watch the show Ghost Adventures. And she says that she has loved every job that she has worked at since she is committed to making the best of every situation and work environment. She loves to work in a job where she can help others and interact with customers especially in a creative environment.

Hiya Hiya Needles

What would Rachel take to a deserted island? Hiya Hiya Sharp Needles Set a Mountain Colors Knit and Swirl coat kit to knit ( but no pattern, the time would be whiled away figuring out the pattern to knit it), and a skein of Madeline Tosh laceweight that she purchased and has no idea what to do with. She would spends loads of time figuring out what to knit with it!

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