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We have everything for Knitting, Spinning, Crocheting, Felting, and Weaving! Shop our never ending variety of yarns, fiber, needles, supplies, looms, and spinning wheels!

 We are passionate and dedicated to our customers! We offer only the best spinning fiber, yarn, looms and knitting needles at fair prices from brands we trust! We treat our customers like family. If you have any questions our knowledgeable staff is just a phone call or e-mail away.

We hope you enjoy our selection of supplies. New product is added monthly so be sure to check back in for the next best Yarn or Luxurious new Fiber.

Looking for a new spinning wheel? Spinning wheels are our specialty; we even design and make our own custom, high end wheel here at the shop! THE REVOLUTION SPINNING WHEEL! Designed and built right here in the shop by owner Bill Romine!

Finding the right spinning yarn and knitting supplies for your craft projects is an experience that can be intimidating, especially for those just beginning a new hobby. There are many factors to consider, and determining which fiber is the best for knitting and crochet projects can be difficult. We are here to help make that process easier for you! If you look at the bottom right hand of the screen you will see a chat bubble! Click that and ask away! We have friendly, knowledgeable staff waiting to assist you! 

Crochet and knitting yarns are made from hundreds of different fiber combinations! Each knitting and crochet yarn has unique qualities and uses. In many cases, crochet and knitting yarn manufacturers blend various yarn fibers as a way of making a more desirable textile that can perform in a wider variety of applications and create a more versatile product. Each yarn we carry is designed to create a certain look! For example often times nylon is added to sock yarn to create strength and give the sock a little give so it won't stretch out. From Art yarns, to Bulky, to lace, and Luxury. Our shop is a one shop stop for every knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, and weaving project you can imagine! These are things you should be aware of when choosing knitting supplies and spinning yarn.

When choosing knitting and crochet supplies for a particular project, there are a few things to consider, including the type of fibers being used. Wool is one of the most popular choices for knitters, and come in several varieties, including lamb’s wool, Icelandic wool, Shetland wool, washable wool, new wool or virgin wool, man made fibers, eco-friendly fibers, merino wool, and luxurious fibers like cashmere and yak down or cashgora! Specialty fibers for weaving include variegated, heather, marled, and tweed. Our collection of weaving cones is almost endless!

Novelty knitting and crochet yarns include ribbon, chenille, faux fur, boucle, railroad ribbon, and thick-thin. These knitting and crochet supplies are easily recognizable, as they have a different appearance than other weaving supplies.

Depending on the project, you may need other supplies; knitting needles, spinning wheels, patterns, and crochet hooks are among the many other supplies that we offer to make your project easier and more enjoyable. We also offer resources for how-to videos, DVDs, books, and classes. Everything you need to complete a beautiful finished product can be found right here at the most reasonable prices around. We provide you with everything you need to make your projects successful.

We have Fibers from all over the world right here in our shop! From Yak down to silk, Cashmere to camel, Beaver wool to hemp, seaweed fiber to bamboo, rose fiber to corn fiber. Our selection of dyed fiber and undyed fiber is the largest in town. We also have everything you would need for dying projects! Come on in to feel the luxury in our FIBERLAND! Wall to wall of bins filled with fiber delight! It's hard to shop for the perfect fiber without feeling it first! We understand this and are here to help you pick the perfect fiber for your project! 

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you find what you're looking for!

-The Paradise Fibers Family