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Harp Forte Upgrade Kit

Harp Forte Upgrade Kit: the Kromski up-grade for their 3 different size old style Harp looms

If you are not sure you need this upgrade look to see if you ratchet and pawls are metal or plastic, plastic and you’ll need the upgrade.

The Harp Forte solves some of the problems for that the Harp has been having and adds to the durability of your loom. This upgrade creates locking metal ratchet and pawls that work with assistance from a rare earth magnet. The metal allows for a weaver to have really high tensioned projects like rugs. Having locking ratchets is a wonderful part for solo-weavers. When the ratchets lock it is easier to warp alone as well as advancing the warp without assistance.

The Ashford and Kromski ridged heddle looms have this locking mechanism, which is catching on so don’t be surprised if it’s on every loom in the future.

Advice: Don’t rush

You will need every part and the instructions are to size of the part

This is an easy upgrade that takes time and precision. There is a right and wrong way for most of the part and you will need to know which side is the right and wrong side.

If you rush you will screw up your upgrade (we know!). Please take your time to make sure you have the right sides and angles lined up! If you have questions feel free to contact us! We are happy to help!

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