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How to do a Long Tail Cast-On

How to cast-on using the long tail method.

This method of casting on creates a nice even edge on your knitting.   You will find it much easier to knit your first row with this cast-on and if you are knitting in the round joining without twisting is also much easier.  This is because you are actually creating a first row of knitting with the long-tail cast-on instead of having those annoying, twisty e-loops.  When you are casting on using the long-tail method you will be making a slip knot to start.  Remember- you will be using up yarn on both sides of the slip knot, so it’s important to have a long enough tail.  If it’s too short you’ll have to rip it out and start over.  Not that big of a deal if you’re only casting on 20 stitches, but imagine if you were casting on 200 or 1,000!  It’s way better to have too long of a tail than too short.  I’ve gotten pretty good at making a wild guess, but you can always cast on 10 stitches, pull it out and measure how much yarn you used and then figure out approximately how long your tail should be based on that.

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