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How To Join A Stretchy Drive Band for a Spinning Wheel

The clear poly drive band is becoming more and more common. This drive band material does not work for all wheel so be careful when you are ordering it. If you have a double drive wheel you can not use the clear poly drive band. This material will only work for single drive wheels. If you do have a double drive wheel it is best to use cotton or hemp thread. When you look at a double drive wheel it looks like there is two drive bands on the wheel but it is actually one big band that is twisted into a figure 8. Most of the stretchy drive band is sold by the foot so you will need to join it once you get it. We do have pre-joined standard and jumbo drive band for the Lendrum spinning wheel. If you are buying it bye the foot check out the video below and you can see how easy it is to join.

You will need a lighter, a candle and scissors. Now just follow these steps.

  1. Make sure the ends that you are joining are clean and flat.
  2.  Light your candle. If you don’t have a candle have somebody hold the lighter for you.
  3.  Hold the ends of the poly drive band 1-3 inches directly above your flame
  4. Once the ends of the poly looks wet remove it from the flame and press them together firmly until you see a small ring around the join. Do not press to hard or you will push all of the melted poly away from the join and it will not hold.
  5.  Let the join sit for at least 30 second. After 30 seconds you can set the drive band down and let it sit for about another minute.
  6. Cut off the remaining melted poly around the join.

This poly drive band is also used for drum carders and is available in several different thicknesses. Don’t let a drive band keep you from spinning give us a call here at our shop and we can get you the size you need. 888.320.7736


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