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Louet Jumbo Art Yarn Flyer

The Louet Jumbo Art Yarn Flyer works on more Louet wheels than it doesn’t.This flyer fits S10, S15, S17, S51, S70, S71, S75, S76, S77 Louet wheels. This flyer is a delightful addition to any of the wheels fit, it adds to tools and the skill set for any spinner no matter the level. With this flyer in your equipment inventory you have the versatility of bulky added to the consistency and balance of Louet’s standard flyer

Just like the standard flyers, the Jumbo Art is an Irish tension bobbin lead drive. When working with thick or heavy yarns this gives more power and control to the spinner. A bobbin lead wheel doesn’t become as hard to spin and load as the bobbin gets fuller or heavier, every treadle works for you the same as when the bobbin was just starting to fill. The standard size bobbin fits on this flyer the same as the Jumbo making it so you can keep spinning interchanging bobbins as need be. The Jumbo bobbin itself holds a phenomenal amount of yarn, with dimensions lager than the standard, you can ply for longer without having to cut your yarn as the bobbin fills. The leather strap that controls the Irish tension is adjustable with a simple finger twist that of the plastic adjuster, that can be popped on and off without adjustment. This makes it so you can remove the bobbin again and without having to reset your tension each time.

The orifice is 7/8ths inch as is the flyer loop, allowing you to spin the most outrageous art yarns and super thick multiply yarns without the flyer getting caught or weighted down. There is a smooth transition between the orifice, past the flyer guide through the flyer loop and onto the bobbin, with no hooks to catch textural yarns. The flyer loop is one of my favorite parts of this flyer, it smoothly adjusts across the flyer and is the same size as the orifice making it so if sometime was small enough to fit through, it can make it on the bobbin.

The flyer provides low spinning ratios 4.2, 5, 6.2 to 1 giving you more time to manipulate the yarn without adding too much twist, so if you’re adding feathers, twist or embedding elements your treadling doesn’t work against you.

If you have a Louet wheel that can work with the Jumbo Art Yarn Flyer, there is no reason not to add this tool to your wheel house. It is an excellent addition to any spinner looking for a way to spin magnificent effects in their yarns, whether they are a beginner or an everyday production spinner looking to branch into thick or art yarns.

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