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Shear Madness! on National Geographic

National Geographic Channel is hosting a show about Sheep!

promo-sheer madness nat
Look at that sexy girl on the right, the one with the beautiful long locks!

Here at Paradise Fibers we are both interested and frequently amused by Shear Madness. The show focuses around the Namaste Farms and owner/operator Natalie Redding and family. I have to admit I am overall happy with the show. The farm is name after the idea of respect for all living things and they hold to that ideal with their ethical treatment of animals. There Angora goats are bred for quality mohair over a lifetime creating the goal of a no kill flock. The majority of their sheep are Longwool: Wensleydale, Teeswater and Gotland sheep, helping to promote breeds other than “merino wool-sheep.” I’m enjoying how they showcase the commitment to the animals even with 200 head of just sheep.

So far, the show has highlighted many problems that small breeds face every day. They show the reality of how high hay costs change how every rancher, shepherd, and livestock owner is looking the viability of animals with limited grazing space. Something some of our Paradise family, myself included, faces every year.

They also showcase some of the major health issues found in livestock, and take a realistic look at farming. I have to admit that I find some moments a little too high drama for my taste, but every person handles their farm differently and it is “reality TV” so I take it with a grain of salt.

sheer madness promoIt’s nice to see strong women in reality TV and to see them showcased in the farming community, and if you wander around the web comments about the show you’ll see a lot of people who agree. It’s also interesting to see comments from fellow ranchers who offer advice or differing viewpoints for how Namaste handle their operations.

I would just remind you to take nearly everything in the show as this farms opinions and not fact. However if you’re looking for a way to get an inside view of a farm the shows not a bad way.

I look forward to seeing some of the other episodes as I can fit them in, after all it is spring and lambing is just days away.

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