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Marled Magic MKAL by Stephen West

Have you ever done a mystery knit along (MKAL)?  As much as  I love to knit, I have never given one a try.  Some knitters are great at following directions, that’s not me in knitting and sometimes in life too.  I am the type of knitter that has a hard time just doing what I am told, I just can’t follow a pattern and knit a project as the designer intended.  I always have to make one adjustment, or maybe a few, so the thought of not getting to see what I am knitting before I knit it is petrifying!  Knowing this about myself, I have always avoided MKAL’s, but next Friday that is all going to change.

I am a huge fan of the knitting that Stephen West does.  I love color, the more the better!  Stephen West never disappoints in this department.  So it would seem only natural that in my quest to grow as a knitter my first MKAL would be one of his.  The Marled Magic MKAL by Stephen West starts next Friday, March 3rd.  It is not too late to grab some yarn and join in the fun!

I have done some swatching and can’t believe how much fun this is going to be. I totally feel like I am painting with yarn, I can’t wait for the first clue so I can get knitting on this project!  For this project, you will need fingering weight yarn held double. Lace-weight mohair yarns are also recommended to add some texture. This shawl is designed to use many different yarns and different colors. You will get to blend them together any way you want as you create a one of a kind masterpiece. Get your friends to join in the fun! Share your progress #paradisefibers.

For my project, I will be using a lot of Madelinetosh.  I will also be using a lot of yarns that I dyed.  I have some Suri alpaca, merino glow yarn dyed that I can’t wait to use!  You can buy a skein of Plymouth Dye-for-me and dye some too for your project.   In a future post I will be talking about dying your own yarn.  This is such a fun activity that I think every knitter needs to try at least once.  Check out my stash on the right!  Share what yarns you will be using in the comment section below.

Here are some yarns I would recommend for this project:

Get your supplies now so you can join me as I paint with yarn in my first ever MKAL.  I am sure this is going to be a blast!  I would love to see your progress as you knit along too, feel free to comment below and share your pictures with me.  You can also use #paradisefibers on Instagram to share your progress photos too.  Buy the pattern now from Ravelry, pick out your yarns and join me in my historic journey!

Stay tuned for my weekly progress updates.

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