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Spinning Wool

Choosing the right spinning wool and spinning yarn can go a long way in assuring the quality that you are looking for in your knitting projects. There are plenty of spinning yarn and spinning wool selections to choose from, and it is important to get a quality product to avoid the itchy and scratchy feel of substandard fibers. Making sure that you have a proper material to work with is the first step to working your craft on spinning wheels and ending up with a product that with feel right and bring you a sense of pride.

One of the easiest steps to making sure that your spinning wool and spinning yarn is up to par is to go your local craft shop or yarn store and feel the product. If it feels right and the color appeals to you, then you’re on the right track to begin with. Try to make sure that you select the proper weight for the item that you are working on, and remember that both basic yarns and novelty yarns are available.

Spinning wheels are very functional and quite a bit of fun to work on. Most spinning wheels can serve a beginner well, and with most endeavors the more experienced practitioners tend to find specific models that appeal to them and work best for them. One good approach to choosing a spinning wheel is finding a fiber shop that will let you sample a few spinning wheels and selecting one that fits well and they feel comfortable with. Also, an experienced spinner can go a long way into pointing out specific features of spinning wheels as well as showing you which ones work the best for different types of spinning wool and spinning yarn.

The most important thing is to take the time to educate yourself and to sample as many spinning wheels and types of spinning yarn and spinning wool as possible. Knowledge is power, and try to learn as much as you can from every fiber shop and every experienced spinner as you can. Multitasking spinning wheels are a good first choice, and for those who are really trying to maximize savings you can always look online and in the newspaper for used spinning wheels. Take a look at both single drive and double drive spinning wheels, and whether you choose to buy new or used always try to opt for a quality product that will last and help you to weave the best end products from your spinning wool and spinning yarn.

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