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Unicorn Fiber Cleaning Products

The differences between Unicorn Fiber’s Power Scour, Fiber Wash and Fiber Rinse:

Power Scour– is used for fiber that is hard to wash either because of lanolin/grease, wax and suint found in sheep and goat fibers. It is also suggested for extremely dirty fibers that need to be scrubbed to come clean.

Fiber Wash– is suggested for luxury fibers that only need some dirt removed to become clean. It is suggest for Alpaca, Cashmere, Bison, Qiviut and Angora as they do not have the same amount of grease, wax or suint as sheep or goat fibers.

Fiber Rinse– functions as a conditioner used to strengthen and ease the handling of fibers at different processing stages. It is useable on all fibers including delicate synthetics.

Here are the PDFs Provided by Unicorn Fiber on how to use their products:

Unicorn Power Scour, Wash, Rinse Commercial-Mill Info

Unicorn Power Scour (Wool-Mohair) Instuct. Large Batch

Unicorn Fiber Wash (Luxury Fibers- Alpaca etc) for Hobbyist

Home Washing Guidelines Small Batch Formulas (this provides an addendum of how to adapt the formulas given above, to small batches1-3lbs of fiber)

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