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Blending Tools

Fiber Blending Tools for Fiber Artists. Drum carders, hackles, blending boards, hand carders, and more! Create endless fiber combinations and your very own colorways. Make batts, rolags, roving, and punis for hand spinning, felting, and more!
Louet Blending Board-Blending Board-
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Louet Blending Board 72 tpi

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Schacht Mini Curved Hand Carders-Hand Carders-
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Schacht Mini Curved Hand Carders

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Louet Cotton Hand Cards - Extra Fine Cloth-Hand Carders-
Louet Classic Drum Carder - Fine 46 TPI-Drum Carder-
Standard Drum Carder - Fine 46 TPI

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Louet Roving Carder (Extra Fine 72 TPI) Standard-Drum Carder-
Junior Carder - Extra Fine 72 TPI

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LeClerc Hand Carders-Hand Carders-Normal-
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Louet Mini Extra Fine - Cotton Cards-Hand Carders-
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Louet Mini Extra Fine - Cotton Cards

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Louet Regular Hand Cards - Fine Cloth-Hand Carders-
Louet Single Row Mini Comb-Combs-
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Louet Standard Drum Carder - Extra Fine 72 TPI-Drum Carder-
Louet Roving Carder ( Fine 46 TPI) Classic-Drum Carder-
Louet XL Drum Carder 12" Extra Fine-Drum Carder-
Ashford Electric Drum Carder front right side view of buttons and controls
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Ashford e-Drum Carder

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