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Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing Resources, Patterns and more!

Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing Resources, Patterns and more!


  1. Knit-Finder – A list of how-to resources for all things knitting related.

  2. Knitpedia – A slew of knitting resources including how-to's, blogs and charity information.

  3. The Hand Knitter – Provides information such as yarn calculators, needle conversion charts and more!

  4. – With a great listing of knitting blogs, newsletters and books that are a must read, this is a website you want to bookmark!

  5. The Compassion Knitter – A great listing of places where you can knit for charity.

  6. Odd Knit -Odd Knit features unique patterns that range from food to jewelry to flowers. The patterns are arranged by categories, skill level or by name.

  7. Aggie Knitting, Crafting and More – great knitting resources, in addition to lessons, tutorials and other craft projects.

  8. Plymouth Yarn -Plymouth Yarn is a great resource for knitters who are looking for new and fun patterns to try. The patterns featured on the site can be filtered by yarn weight, yarn name, pattern number or pattern type.

  9. Frugal Haus -Frugal Haus features very basic and easy knitting patterns that are geared toward brand new knitters. The patterns are free and require Adobe Reader compatibility.

  10. The Daily Knitter, Knitting Articles - The Daily Knitter hosts a wide variety of knitting articles that are submitted by the site's staff and users. Whether you are looking for information on the knitting loom or where you can become a certified knitting instructor, this website can help!


  1. Crochet At Play -Crochet at Play is a simple to use website that categorizes its patterns by project type. The site boasts 25,396 free crochet patterns and users can submit links to their own crochet pattern or enjoy a free pattern of the day.

  2. 4-H Crocheting Projects – this website gets kids into crocheting at an early age. With information on easy projects and fairs to display their work, this is definitely a great place for children!

  3. Good Reads: Crochet Books – This book review website provides excellent feedback on crocheting books and magazines.

  4. Learn to Crochet Tutorial – this website provides step by step instructions on how to crochet with simple directions and vivid pictures.

  5. Crochet Kitten -Crochet Kitten provides crochet references and conversion charts for both the US and the UK!

  6. The Purl Bee – Providing information on crochet basics, sewing resources, and embroidery tutorials, this is a one stop place for all things craft related!

  7. Meladora's Creations – A wonderful website that provides craft tutorials and patterns. Learn to crochet a variety of items, including pot holders, baby blankets and hats!

  8. Girlie's Crochet - All of the patterns on Girlie's Crochet are absolutely free and easy to navigate. The site also features basic crochet tutorials, how-to articles and guides on how to complete complicated stitches.

  9. Crochet Pattern Central -Crochet Pattern Central is home to thousands of free crochet patterns. Users can scroll through and click on various categories that will take them to a list of PDF resources.


  1. Craft Bits - Each one of the sewing projects listed on this site is free. From play food to t-shirts to aprons there is something here for everyone to make.

  2. Free Patterns -From fashion accessories to pet clothes, this site has a pattern for everyone's sewing needs. In order to gain access to the free patterns users must first sign up with the site.

  3. Kids Sewing Projects -This site aims to teach kids, from preschool age up to teenagers, how to sew. Patterns are categorized by skill level and kids will love learning how to sew with these easy to read instructions.

  4. Sewing at Utah State University – this college provides excellent information on sewing, including project ideas, sewing conferences and basic sewing tutorials.

  5. Hand Sewing – This guide takes you through the basics of sewing by hand with step-by-step pictures.

  6. Fleece Fun -Fleece Fun lists dozens of sewing patterns that utilize fleece as the main material. Free patterns include children's clothes and accessories, hats, scarves, pillows and holiday projects.

  7. Sew Magazine -Sew Magazine is a UK based publication that features fresh and trendy sewing patterns. Users must register with the website in order to view the free sewing patterns.

  8. American Sewing Guild – This organization provides information on official sewing conferences and contests, in addition to other sewing news.

  9. Sewing Freebies -This website is an essential resource for any sewing enthusiast. The site features clothing and holiday patterns as well as eco-friendly patterns that reuse old clothes. Sewing Freebies aims to add more patterns as often as they can so the site is always fresh.

  10. Homespun Threads - Homespun Threads features dozens of free sewing patterns for children, adults and the home. When a user clicks on a pattern it will take them directly to a PDF version of the pattern that can either be printed or saved.

Cross Stitch

  1. Maurer-Stroh - This cross-stitch pattern site mainly hosts floral and embroidery patterns. The high quality patterns are visually stunning and easy to follow.

  2. The History of Cross-stitch – Learn about the history of this favorite past time.

  3. My Photo Stitch - My Photo Stitch turns real life photos into beautiful cross-stitch patterns. It is free to use however, there are limitations on how large the source photo can be.

  4. The Basics of Cross Stitch – Learn the basics of cross-stitch with this easy to read tutorial. There's even some easy/beginner patterns!

  5. Stitching Corner -The designs on this site are from 1988-2007 so there is a large variety of patterns to choose from. The site also offers a blank chart where users can make their own cross-stitch pattern.

  6. Instant Cross Stitch -In order to download a pattern from Instant Cross Stitch, users must register with the site. The patterns are free and range from animals to clever sayings to still life portraits.

  7. How to Cross Stitch – an easy to read guide that provides additional guides and patterns for the beginner cross-stitcher!

  8. Cyber Stitchers -Cyber Stitches boasts over 126 pages of free cross-stitch patterns. The site also has a floss conversion chart that can convert between designer brands.

  9. ABC Cross Stitch - ABC Cross Stitch is equipped with free cross stitch patterns for beginners or expert stitchers. The patterns can be download as PDFs but users must register with the site in order to access them.

  10. Alita Designs - Alita Designs offers up 160 cross stitch patterns that are all free. Pattern categories include animals, flowers, religious symbols, kid designs, motifs and marine life.

Misc Craft Patterns

  1. Martha Stewart -Martha Stewart Crafts offers a wide assortment of craft patterns that include innovative ways to use things from around the house. Paper flower tutorials, jewelry ideas, kid's crafts and templates can all be found on this site.

  2. Craft Passion -This unique craft site offers free patterns and tutorials for a multitude of projects. Home and garden, paint, paper and wool are some of the categories that are offered.

  3. Family Fun -This website is mainly geared towards children's crafts but adults and teenagers can get in on the fun too! Users can search for crafts by theme, age group or materials.

  4. Country Living - The crafts listed on this website range from wedding ideas to home décor. The site also features crafts made from recyclable materials and crafts for certain parts of the year.

  5. Better Homes & Gardens- This popular magazine devotes a section of its website to DIY projects and crafts. Crafts are categorized by type of project and by how long it will take to complete them.

  6. Easy Craft Projects -This simple to navigate website has several craft categories and all of the patterns are free. There is also a free downloads tab where users can find templates to projects and calendars.

  7. Go Make Something -This unique website offers up interesting projects such as how to age paper, how to alter photos and paper folding techniques. Recycled art projects are also listed on the site.

  8. Free Craft Unlimited -Even though this is not a huge site, the crafts are fun and unique. The site offers craft projects and patterns, templates and video tutorials.

  9. DLTK's Crafts for Kids -This kid-friendly crafting site has any type of craft imaginable. The crafts are broken down by material type, holiday, educational or topical. DLTK's Crafts for Kids also adds a top 10 activities list to you started.

  10. Dollar Store Crafts - Dollar Store Crafts aims to supply the DIY fanatics with great project ideas that won't break the bank. The crafts can be filtered by their cost, occasion or supplies needed.