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Ashford Knitters Loom Stands

NEW 2020 Knitters Loom Stand Variable - fits 30cm (12"), 50cm (20") & 70cm (28")

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The new 2020 strong and sturdy loom stand is a variable loom stand for all three Knitters Loom sizes, 30cm, 50cm and 70cm (12ins, 20ins and 28ins). Easy to assemble and attach, you can weave anytime anywhere without a table. Adjustable loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving. Made in lacquered solid Silver Beech hardwood to match your Knitters Loom.


  • Adjustable loom angle for comfortable weaving
  • Side support braces for extra stability
  • Comfortable footrest
  • Compact storage when not in use
  • Quick and easy bolt and barrel nut assembly, with storage for the Allen key
  • Adjustable width to fit 30, 50 and 70cm (12, 20 and 28") Knitters looms.