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Camp Stitchwood | Merit Badges

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The Purl Scouts is a series of pin-back merit badges for knitters and makers.  Mark your crafting accomplishments and personality with the badges that suit you best!

  • Lacework Lover - Cant get enough of those intricate holes and delicate patterns? You've earned the lace work lover badge!
  • Public Knitter - Do you take you needles out in public? Ready to brace the stares and questions of onlookers? You've earned your Public Knitter Badge!
  • Sock Stitcher - Is your stash overflowing with sock yarn? If you can't resist a pair of socks on your needles, you've earned the Sock Stitcher badge!
  • Tangle Tamer - If you've ever taken an unruly wad of yarn and managed to pick out the knots and get it back into a usable ball, you've earned your Tangle Tamer badge!
  • Travel Knitter - Most knitters never go on a trip without a project or two in tow. If you enjoy Knitting during the journey or once you arrive at your destination, you've earned your Travel Knitter badge!
  • Yarn Chicken Champ - When the yarn starts running low but the pattern keeps going, you've got yourself a game of yarn chicken. Will you make it to the end and become a yarn chicken champ?
  • Yarnaholic - Sizable yarn stash? Weakness for good yarn? You've earned your Yarnaholic badge.


  • Made in the United States 
  • 1.25" wide 
  • Steel pin back