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CocoKnits Four Corner Bag - Medium

SKU: 4CB-MD-10
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The bag is constructed with rustic, durable linen and natural, vegetable-tanned leather handles that are removable so the bag can be washed. The pattern for the bag comes with the handles so you can either sew your own, or buy the Cocoknits ready-made one. Either way, instructions are included for tying on the leather handles so when you spill wine, coffee or anything on your bag, no problem! Remove the handles, wash the bag, and reattach!

*Handles sold separately.*

Product Details

  • Finished size: 16.5" / 42cm square
  • Material: 100% linen


  • One pre-sewn bag
  • Instructions for pre-washing and adding our no-sew handles

Handles sold separately.

How to Use

  • Perfect for any knitting project
  • A trip to the farmers’ market
  • Perfectly holds a box of pastries brought to a party