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Corriedale Cross Wool Top - 1 lb. Special

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This lustrous, naturally ecru, combed top has an even wavy crimp throughout with a medium micron count of 26.5 and a long staple length of 4-7 inches. The top is silky, strong, and drapey, lending itself nicely to luxury and hardwearing garments. Corriedale is a favorite among felters due to its lightweight crimpy texture and ability to felt easily. Add this buttery top with a spring texture to your next project and delight in its natural beauty and benefits. 

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Fiber Details:

Fiber: 100% Corriedale Cross Wool

Micron Count: 26-28 

Staple Length: 4-7 inches

Country of Origin: UK

Feltable: Yes

Washing: Hand wash lay flat to dry

Preparation: Commercially combed top