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Corriedale Cross Wool Top - 1 lb. Special

SKU: 2088
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This lustrous, naturally ecru, combed top has an even wavy crimp throughout with a medium micron count of 26.5 and a long staple length of 4-7 inches. The top is silky, strong, and drapey, lending itself nicely to luxury and hardwearing garments. Corriedale is a favorite among felters due to its lightweight crimpy texture and ability to felt easily. Add this buttery top with a spring texture to your next project and delight in its natural beauty and benefits. 

The Corriedale cross sheep is originally from Australia and New Zealand where farmers decided to cross Merino ewes with Lincoln or Leicester males. These sheep are now raised worldwide. The fleeces are densely packed but each fiber is thicker than its Merino counterpart.

Fiber Details:

Fiber: 100% Corriedale Cross Wool

Micron Count: 26-28 

Staple Length: 4-7 inches

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Feltable: Yes

Washing: Hand wash lay flat to dry

Preparation: Commercially combed top