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Faux Fur Pom Poms - 3"

: Babadook - Black
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Faux Fur Pom Pom Balls are a fun addition to any knitted or crocheted project. Add a 4" pom pom to your cozy winter hats, or use them to decorate scarves, bags or anything else. Made with luxuriously soft and fluffy faux fur that is both fade resistant and odor free, these pom poms add flare and pomp to any accessory.
Pick your color(s) and spruce up your next woolly creation with a faux fur pom pom in a variety of available colors.
  • Size: Diameter - approx. 4" / 10 cm,
  • Material: Imitation fox fur: A luxuriously fluffy, fade resistant faux fur with no odor.
  • Multi-functional: These adorable pom pom balls are designed with a tiny elastic loop, convenenient for attaching to the top of a hat, or to decorate bags, scarves, gloves, shoes, keychains, cellphones, and more.
  • Upon arrival, the pom pom may have a rather haggard and not so fluffy appearance due to shipping conditions. Simply use a hair dryer (preferably on cold setting) to refluff, or shake by your hand for a few seconds to make it look round and beautiful again
  • Color: dark blue, maroon, violet, aqua, pink, colorful, black melange, black, gray-black, gray, brown, natural, light khaki, beige, white, please check the picture color for details