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Fine Denier White Nylon Top

SKU: PFFD-T31-08
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Man-made resilience! This rare combed nylon fiber has been produced to be finer than other nylon fibers, making this top denser, softer, and stronger. Known for its easy dye-ability and strength, coupled with a high melt-point. The fiber accepts the same dyes like wool and other animal fibers and is therefore perfect for use in blends where added strength, resilience, and wear-ability are required. Fine Denier Nylon Top is a little lower than wool in absorbancy. 

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 100% nylon (polyamide)

Micron count: 21.5

Staple length: 3"- 4"

Type: Commercial Top

Texture: dense and smooth

Care: machine washable

Feltable: no

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