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HiyaHiya Interchangeable Cable With Lifeline Holes

SKU: hi16/18sm
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HiyaHiya KnitSaver - Interchangeable Cables with Lifeline Holes
Unraveling knitting in order to fix errors can be a frustrating experience, especially when doing lace. To keep stitches from unraveling further than desired, knitters often insert a lifeline into their projects. HiyaHiya provides an easier way to accomplish the insertion of a lifeline by providing an interchangeable cable with a lifeline hole to be used in conjunction with a set of HiyaHiya interchangeable tips!

At the beginning of any row, thread a contrasting thread or dental floss through your lifeline hole and work the next row according to your pattern instructions. Remove the dental floss from the cable connector and continue to knit in pattern, leaving your lifeline inserted in this row. Now if you need to unravel your knitting, the lifeline will catch your stitches and keep them from unraveling further.

Insert additional lifelines throughout the project. If you are comfortable doing so, remove the earliest lifelines and reuse the thread or floss.

Should you drop a stitch or need to rip out a row or rows, the lifeline will keep your stitches from unraveling further and you can use it to help pick up the stitches and return them to your needles.
Small fits needle tips size 2-8US/2.75-5mm.
Large fits fits needle tips size 9-15US/5.5-10mm.
With 4" Tips:
      9.5" cable makes a 16" needle
     17.5" cable makes a 24" needle
     25.5" cable makes a 32" needle
     33.5" cable makes a 40" needle
With 5" Tips:
      9.5" cable makes a 18" needle
     17.5" cable makes a 26" needle
     25.5" cable makes a 34" needle
     33.5" cable makes a 42" needle