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Lendrum - Single to Double Treadle Conversion

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     Are you are having second thoughts about buying a single treadle? Maybe you are getting back into spinning and would appreciate lighter treadling? Ever wonder what it would be like to have a Double Treadle Lendrum? 

     If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then this upgrade is for you!

     Anyone who owns a Lendrum Spinning Wheel knows they are very well built and will last a lifetime, with very little maintenance, if taken care of properly.

     We will make new pedals to best match your current wood, a pivot arm, and end blocks that hold the axle on each side of the pedals. We also shorten the footman, provide the footman connectors, screws, and give you a new standard drive band along with a tune up. 

     Please send us your base and upright, including your base knob. We won't need the head. Making and installing parts typically takes about 3-4 days.


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   Pictured is a Wheel we've upgraded.