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High-quality wheels and looms built in New Zealand to last for generations. Luxurious fibers, bulk weaving yarns, and all of the sustainable fiber arts supplies you could ever want at prices you'll love.
Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms-Table Looms-32in-
Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

121 reviews
From $275.00
NEW 2020 Ashford rigid heddle loom stand - on size fits all - 16" 24" 32"
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Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Stand

70 reviews
From $199.00
Ashford Folding Table Looms-Table Looms-4 Shaft-16"-
2 in stock
Ashford Folding Table Looms

24 reviews
From $995.00
Ashford Double Treadle Kits-Spinning Wheel Accessory-Elizabeth-
1 in stock
Ashford Double Treadle Kit

3 reviews
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds-Loom Accessory-16" (40cm)-2.5 dpi (10/10cm)-
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds

178 reviews
From $36.00
Ashford Quill Spindle-Spinning Wheel Accessory-
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Ashford Inkle and Inklette Looms-Table Looms-Inkle Loom- 2.8m (110")-
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Ashford Inkle and Inklette Looms

26 reviews
From $69.00
Ashford Kiwi 3-Spinning Wheel-Unfinished-
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Ashford Kiwi 3

52 reviews
From $549.00
Ashford Knitters Loom-Looms-12 Inches-With Carrying Bag-
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Ashford Knitters Loom

23 reviews
From $359.00
Ashford Electric Spinner 3-Spinning Wheel-
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Ashford Electric Spinner 3

53 reviews
Ashford SampleIT Loom - 10 inch-Table Looms-Without Stand-10inch-
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Ashford SampleIT Loom - 10 inch

37 reviews
From $185.00
Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Clear Lacquer Finish-
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Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel - DISC

1 review
Ashford Weaving Starter Kits, Brights and Monichrome.
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Ashford Weaving Starter Kits

1 review
Ashford standard and jumbo bobbins in single and double drive.
Ashford Spinning Wheel Bobbins

72 reviews
From $14.50
Ashford Cardboard Warping Sticks-Weaving Accessory-22.5cm/9" (fits 25cm/8" Ashford SampleIT Loom)-
Ashford Cardboard Warping Sticks

41 reviews
From $5.00
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Double Drive Laquered-
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Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

5 reviews
From $705.00
Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Single Treadle-
1 in stock
Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel

11 reviews
From $900.00
Ashford Weaving Frames-Weaving Accessory-Small: 14" x 10"-
1 in stock
Ashford Weaving Frames

2 reviews
From $45.00
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