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MadelineTosh Unicorn Tails Colorblock Hand Warmers Kit

: Angry Birds

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Kit NOW includes 5 mini skeins (one color you will receive 2) of MadelineTosh Unicorn Tails and the Colorblock Hand Warmers pattern by Purl Soho. 

To make these versatile and oh so soft hand warmers, you will need a set of US2 double point needles and a set of US3 double point needles.


  • Angry Birds: Nocturne (x 2), Gold Lion, Blood Runs Cold, Antler
  • Bayou: Joshua Tree (x 2), Paramour, Phantasm, Cousteau
  • Betsy Ross: Sabine/Optic (x 2)Blood Runs Cold, Antler, Onyx 
  • BoysenBlue: Translation (x 2), Death by Elocution, Coquette-Deux, Phantasm
  • Brisk: The Wildlings (x 2), Antique Lace, Nocturne, Sabine/Optic
  • Cord of Wood: Antique Lace (x 2), Bronze Age, Charcoal, Antler
  • Frozen Grapes: Celadon (x 2), Mockingjay, The Wildlings, Phantasm
  • Gilded in Gold: Glazed Pecan (x 2), Onyx, Antler, Antique Lace
  • Hyper-color: Hydroponic (x 2), Death by Elocution, Celadon, Onyx
  • Jewels: Onyx (x 2), Glazed Pecan, Spectrum, Forsta
  • Lady Bird: Coquette-Deux (x 2), Glazed Pecan, Firewood, Antique Lace
  • Medieval Dawn: Phantasm (x 2), Translation, Joshua Tree, Glazed Pecan
  • Pete's Dragon: Paramour (x 2), Joshua Tree, Coquette-Deux, Forsta
  • Plum Pudding: Fate (x 2), Death by Elocution, Onyx, Antique Lace
  • Rosebud: Scout Wash (x 2),Forsta, Phantasm, Antique Lace
  • Seattle Morn: Cousteau (x 2), Charcoal, Gold Lion, Antler
  • Spare Change: Charcoal (x 2), Glazed Pecan, Antler, Antique Lace
  • Steam Punk: Black Widow (x 2), Bronze Age, Phantasm, Charcoal
  • Tubular: Gold Lion (x 2), Magic Lantern, Death by Elocution, Cousteau
  • Water Lily: Spectrum (x 2), Silver Fox, Joshua Tree, Death by Elocution
  • Wonderland: Magic Lantern (x 2), Hydroponic, Onyx, Coquette-Deux
  • Worn-In Levis: Daenerys (x 2), Mockingjay, Phantasm, Sabine/Optic