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Mountain Meadow Cormo Top

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100% Natural, USA grown and processed Cormo combed top goes through an extra process where the fibers are aligned and made parallel. Cormo wool has a well-defined crimp which gives it an excellent lofty hand, elasticity, and a long staple length. This silky-smooth top is known for its consistency, unlike Mountain Meadow rovings, the combed top is free of all short fibers and any vegetation.

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This mountain meadow wool is below 22 microns and comes from well cared for Cormo Sheep. The ranchers are committed to sound animal husbandry and sustainable agricultural practices. The sheep are handled with care and raised the way nature intended: on lush pastures, with plenty of clear, clean water. This dedication to the land and the lambs they produce guarantees that the fiber is among the purest in the world.  To maintain the beauty of the natural fiber, Mountain Meadow uses environmentally friendly cleaners and vegetable-based spinning oil. Eco-friendly manufacturing practices help the wool retain its natural lanolin, resulting in luxurious yarns that have a soft and natural connection to the land. Mountain Meadow Wool is committed to building a company with respect to nature, ethics, and sustainability.

Experience the luxury of this Corriedale/Merino Cross, Cormo Wool. This is U.S. grown and processed Cormo wool from Pheasant Family's 9 Mile Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming.

About Mountain Meadow Wool Mill:

Tucked away in the Big Horn Mountains of the western plains of Wyoming rests a family-operated mill dedicated to supporting local ranchers and raising awareness about ranching culture in the great American West. Their mission? To revitalize the American Wool industry and preserve the West by creating American-made high-quality products through eco-friendly operations and fair prices for ranchers. Their dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing practices help the wool retain its natural qualities, resulting in luxurious yarns and fibers that have a soft feel and a natural connection to the land. Each skein and roving is traced back to a local ranch, for a direct connection to the earth.