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Paradise Fibers Chinese Cashmere Top

SKU: PFT186-01
: Brown
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Exquisitely luxurious and lusciously soft, our Chinese Cashmere Top is what dreams are made of. This elegant fiber from the under belly of goats is eight times warmer than sheep's wool, but extremely light weight. This is the ultimate fiber for elegance, comfort, and creating long-lasting garments to last generations. Once you feel this ultra-smooth, top-quality Chinese Cashmere Top you will not want to put it down. Add this to your wool to add warmth and to create an extremely soft and cozy blend. 

Fiber details:

De-Haired high quality Cashmere!

18 Micron

3-4 Inch Staple Length


Grade A. 


Cashmere comes from the downy undercoat of goats that live in the extreme cold of the mountains of Inner Mongolia in China. The fine underhair is brushed out in spring, and those soft hairs that keep the goats warm in -30 degree weather are the fibers that make up cashmere.