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Paradise Fibers Cut Silk Cocoons (1 oz bag)

SKU: 750494

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Whole 100% Mulberry Silk Worm Cocoons that have been cut at one end with the pupa removed. These cocoons are ideal for felting projects, Making 3-dimensional shapes or unique embellishments to garments and more. These cocoons are not de-gummed and will need to be before spinning or reeling. To remove the gum (sericin) boil the cocoons for 15-30 minutes with washing soda and soap. This removes the sericin from the cocoons and makes them soft and able to be stretched into hankies, caps, or reeled straight off the cocoon.

Sold in 1 oz bags which is approximately 70-90 cocoons varying in size and shape.

Dye up a batch of fun colors, cocoons take dye beautifully and can be used in many crafts, like jewelry making and incorporating into multi media art. 

 *** Disclaimer: These silk cocoons are 100% natural and organic. Due to this, they may contain a degree of debris that requires cleaning prior to beginning projects.