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Paradise Fibers Faux Angora Top

SKU: PFFA-T154-04
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This fiber is made of nylon and has been produced to have a similar handle and feel as real Angora Rabbit Fiber at a fraction of the cost. Use for spinning and blending and any other craft project that calls for real Angora Rabbit fiber. Angora rabbit fiber is one of the finest specialty animals fibers with it's well known reputation for fineness, lightness, and softness. The angora rabbit is raised solely for it's fine and soft "cloud like" hair. Angora rabbit hair is generally confused with mohair, which comes from the Angora Goat. Thanks to man-made production there now exists a Faux version of this classic fiber for spinners to enjoy that may have allergies to the Angora Rabbit Fiber. This fiber is a dream to spin, and easy to dye. Try it out! We recommend our Protein Fiber Dyes like our Country Classic Dye Collection.