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Paradise Fibers Lazy Kate

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        This Paradise Fibers Lazy Kate is designed to work with all bobbins having 1/4" diameter bearings/bushings. Our Kate includes three, six inch pins. This handmade unit is available in a 3 or 4 post design with smooth updated yarn guides. The holes for the pins are made to strict tolerances for easy in and out.

This Lazy Kate comes standard with 6" pins. 

    Product details:

    • 3 or 4 post
    • Compatible with bobbins from most manufacturers, including Ashford, Lendrum, Schacht and Kromski.
    • 6 inch bobbin spindle will handle all bobbins up to 5-1/2" long with bearings of 1/4" or bigger, and end flanges up to 4-1/2".
    • The updated version of our Lazy Kate has replaced the eyelet hooks with radiused  and sanded holes for better yarn guiding and control. The holes are more than large enough for most art yarn plying and because they are sanded smooth you'll notice that your art yarn does not catch on any sharp edges.