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Paradise Fibers Milk Protein Fiber

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Milk Protein is a relatively new fiber, it originated in Italy and America in the 1930s to compete with wool.  It is white in appearance and super soft due to its silk-like properties.  Milk Protein fiber is great for those with sensitive skin!  Due to it's anti-bacterial properties, it will wick moisture away from the body and is great for making socks, sportswear, undergarments, and other garments.  

Milk Protein fiber is a blend of casein protein and the chemical acrylonitrile, which is used to make acrylic. It's made using a process that is similar to rayon/viscose, but because it's a regenerated protein fiber and not a regenerated cellulose fiber, it reacts like wool. 

To make the fiber, milk is first dewatered, i.e. all the water content is taken out from it and then it is skimmed. A new bio-engineering technique is then applied to make a protein spinning fluid. This fluid is suitable for wet spinning process through which the final high-grade textile fiber is made. A solvent is used and micro-zinc ion is embedded in the fiber which gives it the characteristics of being bacteriostatic and durable. 

Milk Fiber advantages: Superior in strength to wool!  Milk fiber has been improved much since the 1930's when it was introduced in its raw form and is re-emerging as a man-made product that is much superior product to wool.  Contains 17 amino acids and natural anti-bacterial properties...hint hint..socks...  Same pH as human skin (great for sensitive skin!)  Milk Fiber is environmentally friendly and is considered a "green" product.  It has excellent dye-ability properties - uses reactive, acid or cationic dyes, as it is a protein.  Can be blended with almost any other fiber.  Milk Protein fiber is sometimes known as ARALAC, LANATIL, and MERINOVA.