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Paradise Fibers Undyed Flax/Linen Tops

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Due to the nature of this fiber, the roving you receive may have breaks in it. Flax or Linen is considered by many to be the oldest fiber used in the Western world, with fabrics having been found dating back to 10,000BC. Spinning Flax is a wonderful experience but there are many uses for this miracle fiber. Flax is the stalk of a plant that is used for fiber. Making it a cellulose or bast fiber. Flax is very similar to hemp, jute, and ramie. Once flax is spun it is called linen. The fibers are long (5-8 inches) and shiny. This is hard wearing fiber that will withstand generations of wear. Although it is a strong fiber, with age and wear garments made of linen will soften. The Flax plant is first harvested then, retting is the next step. A process which rots the hard outer core of the stalk in order to expose the inner fibers. This can be done in a variety of ways but dew and water retting are the most common methods. The next step in harvesting this versatile fiber is the process of breaking and scutching, which breaks the stalk and removes the fibers.  The final step is the combing and carding process where the short fibers called 'tow' are removed from the longer fibers called line/stricks leaving us with a beautiful natural flax roving to hand-spin. Once spun it can be woven into fabrics, knitted/crocheted into summer garments. Spin finely and you'll have beautiful lace to be knitted or crocheted into table clothes, curtains, etc. . . 


We offer you a natural flax that has a golden sheen and a bleached version of the same for a vibrant white roving perfect for dyeing to get true colors. Enjoy the special Bundle Prices, the more you buy the more you save. 

Flax is truly a wonderful fiber that is antibacterial and cools the body.