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Pascuali Organic Cashmere Lace | 100% Organic Cashmere Wool

: 06 Feather
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Pascuali Cashmere offers one of the best qualities of cashmere on the market today. Like our Cashmere Worsted and Cashmere 6/28, Cashmere lace is made of 100% Organic cashmere wool which is organic certified by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce.  This high quality Cashmere is made using only the downy undercoat of the cashmere goat. 

Pascuali cashmere yarn is spun in one of the best Italian spinneries in the world where the team attends with care to every step and detail in the yarn-making process.  Furthermore, this spinnery has a very rigorous quality control system in place whereby the inherent liveliness of the natural fiber is respected. 

Once it has been spun, it is dyed also in Italy by a company with outstanding quality control following the strictest European standards (REACH) to guarantee the highest quality yarn.  

Cashmere Lace is a 4 ply yarn that is lovely to work with.  It has a very even stitch definition which is perfect for textured lace work as well as stockinette stitch.  The wool is wonderfully soft as it made from the fine, long hairs of the goat's undercoat, and is much less likely to pill than other yarns.  

Our luxurious Cashmere Lace is perfect for light yet warm pullovers and cardigans as well as accessories such as scarves or shawls.  It is lightweight yet cozy and warm and is so lovely and soft, it can be worn by those with the most sensitive skin.

Yarn Details:

  • Weight - Lace 
  • Yardage - 186 Yards (170 meters)
  • Unit Weight - 25 Grams ( .88 ounces)
  • Gauge - 30.0 to 42.0 sts = 4 inches
  • Needle Recommendations - US 1½ - 2½ or 2.5 - 3mm
  • Fiber Content - 100% Goat Cashmere