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Precious Pearl Infused Cellulose Fiber

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A shimmering Eucalyptus cellulose fiber with nano-meter-grade, protein-rich, precious pearl powder added to the viscose fiber during the creation process by means of high technology (similar to lyocell). As the pearl particles are distributed throughout the fiber, they bind onto the surface during the hardening stage of the closed-loop manufacturing process, producing a glossy luster and an incredibly breathable fiber that is rich in antibacterial properties. The nutrients and trace elements are permanently fused to the fiber, so it will not wash out even after many repeated washes. Your fiber will be opalescent and lofty for generations! This new, cool-to-the-touch fiber, is produced without any chemical additives creating a truly unique, all-natural, environmentally friendly biodegradable product with natural UV protective qualities. It will soak up fiber reactive cellulose dyes beautifully like other plant-based fibers and is ideal to spin as-is for a lustrous and plump yarn or blend with other fibers such as wool to add gloss, strength, and drape.