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SPIN Nylon Cables for Interchangeable Needles by ChiaoGoo

SKU: 2508-S
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The SPIN Nylon Cables for Interchangeable knitting needle tips work with both the SPIN and TWIST ChiaoGoo tips.  

  • These Cords are made of clear, pliable, nylon  
  • For Tip sizes US 2-8 use the Small join cables
  • For Tip sizes US 9-15 use the Large join cables
  • The 8" cord length can be used with the 4" tips to make a 16" circular needle.  
  • The length listed is the actual length of the cable so if you have 4" tips add 8 inches, and if you have 5" tips add 10 inches, to the cable length to get the total length of the circular needle  
  • The cords include a lifeline hole and range in size from 8 inches to 50 inches. 
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