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Spoiled Sheep Natalie Yarn

: Natalie 2014

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This Wensleydale/Rambouillet cross 100% wool yarn is just waiting to be a cozy blanket or sweater. Soft, lustrous, and sustainable, this yarn is perfect for your next project. These limited edition Spoiled Sheep yarns are sourced locally from individual sheep at Rose Butte Ranch near Spokane, Washington. After each yearly sheering the fleeces take a short drive to Fibers First Mill in Post Falls, Idaho to be processed and spun into natural and lanolin-rich yarns.

Natalie, the ewe from whom this Spoiled Sheep, natural white worsted weight yarn comes.

Natalie is a white Wensleydale/Rambouillet cross. She is easy to pick out, as she is the fluffiest sheep in the flock. Her fleece is outrageously lofty and soft, growing in a large poof all around her body. Natalie is very shy, but is a sweet and loving sheep, a lovable addition to the Rose Butte flock.

"Why is our flock Spoiled? We shear the flock every year at the beginning of summer, for their greatest comfort during both the hot and cold seasons of the year. They enjoy full access to pasture year-round and are fed alfalfa hay grown in our own field during the winter. Fresh spring water flows freely into their trough, ensuring a constant supply of clean water. Their barn is cooled with a misting system and fan during the heat of the summer, and in winter is warmly bedded with straw. Treats from the garden are always a big hit. Last but certainly not least, they are guarded around the clock by our loving and dedicated Livestock Guardian Dog team. It's a good life for our sheep - and we think it shows in the beauty and quality of our yarn and fleece." - Spoiled Sheep Yarn

Yarn Details

Weight: Natalie 2014: DK

Natalie 2015: Sport (15 WPI)

Texture: 2-Ply

Put up: Twisted Hank

Fiber Content: 100% Corriedale/Rambouillet Wool

Unit Weight: 100 grams

Yardage: 200 yards/182 meters

Gauge: Natalie 2014: 5.5 - 6 stitches per inch

Natalie 2015: 6 - 7 stitches per inch

Recommended Needle Size: Natalie 2014: US 5 (3.75 mm) - US 6 (4 mm)

Natalie 2015: US 3 (3.25 mm) - US 5 (3.75 mm)

Care Instructions: Hand wash room temperature, air dry flat

Country of Origin: United States


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Spoiled Sheep Yarn comes from the Rose Butte Ranch. This small farm near Spokane, Washington is home to a sustainable "boutique" flock of natural colored sheep of many different breeds and beautiful colors. The flock size is limited to keep the pasture productive, and the sheep healthy and happy.