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Tutti Frutti Carded Corriedale

: Bilberry Pie
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Robust and fully saturated tonal carded Corriedale. Each Tutti Frutti shade features multiple colors carded together to create unique, hearty, and hefty heathered hues. Carded from 29 micron Corriedale Wool Fleece, this fiber has a lovely woolen texture without being too scratchy. Suitable for outer and innerwear yarns. 

Instead of all of the fibers being aligned and straight like a typical top preparation, these blends are carded to take on a more webbed structure with the fibers going in different directions. This style of fiber preparation is perfect for lofty, lightweight, airy, yet warm and cozy woolen-spun yarns! Due to the nature of carded slivers, the fibers will felt with ease, opening up a whole world of possibilities! Create felted soaps, knit to felt gloves, felted hats, little felted woodland creatures, and more! 

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 100% Corriedale Wool 

Micron count: 29

Staple length: 3-4 inches

Type: Carded sliver

Care: Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Feltable: Yes