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Undyed Fiber Bundles

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  • Undyed fiber bundles for dyeing, spinning, weaving, felting, and more. Choose from our variety of undyed fiber bundles for your enjoyment. Pick from Cellulose fibers, various breeds, luxury roving, and silk for your undyed and dyeing masterpieces. These are perfect for fiber artists who want to test new types of undyed fibers or need a variety of roving. Feel like trying to spin Cashmere or experimenting with Silk? Ever wondered what it was like to work with Banana fibers or a Llama/Silk blend? Look no further. This is the spot for you.

Get your creative juices flowing to achieve the perfect shade with our Natural,  Country Classics, Procion dyes, depending on what variety of fiber you choose. Procion dyes are designed specifically for Cotton, Silk, Rayon, and Linen, while Country Classics are for protein fibers such as Wool, Silk, Nylon, and many others. 

Kits include a selection of Paradise Fibers products:

Cellulose fiber bundle - 16oz (2oz each) $49.00

  • A selection of 8 splendid cellulose/vegan options. These are silky smooth and cool to the touch. Blend with your wool, or spin them together to get a cool, luscious, Springtime ply.
    • Rose Fiber Roving 
    • White Egyptian Cotton Top 
    • Mint Fiber 
    • Hemp Roving 
    • Pearl Fiber 
    • Pineapple Top 
    • Banana Top 
    • Bamboo Top 

    Cellulose "Best-selling" fiber bundle - 16 oz (4oz each) $45.00

    • A selection of our 4 best-selling cellulose/vegan fibers. These are silky smooth and cool to the touch. Blend with your wool, or spin them together to get a cool, luscious, Springtime ply.
      • Rose Fiber Top
      • White Egyptian Cotton Top
      • Viscose Bamboo Top
      • Pearl Fiber Top

    Adventures in Silk bundle - 8oz $45.00

    • Experiment with Silk in it's various forms. The Grade A Mulberry Silk is luscious and adds a nice drape when plied with wool. Have fun dyeing and crafting with the hankies and cocoons.

          Basic Breeds fiber bundle - 16oz (4oz each) $31.00

          Luxury Breeds fiber bundle - 16oz $80.00

          • Don't want to commit to just one of our luxuriously soft breeds? We have bundled 5 of our luxury breeds for your enjoyment. These are absolutely gourmet when it comes to non-blended roving. For less than $100 you can be running your hands through Baby Camel Top and gushing over our 18.5 micron Superwash merino Top. 

            Exotic Breeds fiber bundle - 8oz ( 2oz each) $89.00

            • Another luxury bundle of rare and specialty breeds. Try 4 of our exotic, luxurious fibers. These are absolutely gourmet when it comes to non-blended roving. Try something new and fall in love with these exquisite fibers. You will not want to put these down once you get your hands on them.

              Luxury Blends fiber bundle - 16oz (4oz each) $98.00

              • Looking for a variety of heavenly soft fibers to dive into? Here are 4 of our most luxurious blends, all featured in past Fiber Club Boxes. Putting the clouds to shame with their lofty squishiness and lustrous sheen, these fibers will have you over the moon for their perfection. Pair these with a Spring palette based on the color of the year, Living Coral, to get a wondrous outcome.
                • Alpaca/Merino/Silk Blend - Marshmallow
                • 50/50 Milk Protein/Kid Mohair Top Micro Blend - Milky Mohair 
                • 14.5 Micron Ultra Fine Merino and Cashmere Blend - Cake Batter
                • Undyed Llama and Mulberry Silk Blended Top - Phantom

              Luxury Goat Blends fiber bundle - 16oz (4oz each) $110.00

                Luxury Silk & Cellulose Blends fiber bundle - 16oz (4oz each) $60.00

                • An exciting blend of luxuriously soft and diverse fiber blends. Alpaca, Llama, Silk, and Pearl Fibers are all sampled in this specialty bundle. Each of these blends have been featured in our Fiber of the Month Club, so you know they are sure to please.
                  • Alpaca/Merino/Silk Blend - Marshmallow
                  • Undyed Llama and Mulberry Silk Blended Top - Phantom
                  • 23 Micron Merino/Rose/Faux Cashmere Microblend - Sonera
                  • Precious Pearl Cellulose/Polwarth Top Micro Blend - Pearly Polwarth

                  Vegan Fiber bundle - 16oz (4oz each) $45.00

                  • Sample some of our vegan fibers, perfect for those with wool/plant sensitivities, or maybe you need an acrylic/nylon fiber for that special project. Try blending or plying nylon with wool to add durability and flex for your very own sock yarn.


                        Pick your preferred bundle, mix and match to try your hand at dyeing various styles of fiber, or stock up on one option. Head on over to our dyes to find the perfect shade, combination of colors, and type of reactant for your project.

                        Happy crafting!!