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Woolpets Needle Felting Foam Pad


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Need a new foam pad for your wonderful felting projects? Check out these fantastic charcoal foam pads from Woolpets. These extra durable pads will last through many needle felting projects without losing their firmness. The open-cell foam allows for repeated needle penetration without falling apart, unlike softer pads which will eventually leave little foam pieces in your projects. Keep your felting pristine and your work surface working with Woolpets needle felting foam pads.

Product Details:

6" 8"
WIDTH 4" 6" 10"
THICKNESS 1" 1.5" 2"

About Woolpets:

Created in 2007 by Laurie and Kevin Sharp, Woolpets was founded with the goal of spreading the love of sculptural felting. From sock monkeys to shoulder-sitting owls, Woolpets can show you just how easy needle felting can be! Woolpets strives to pass along the fundamentals of needle felting and three-dimensional sculpting with wool while bringing joy to those who have a desire to create. Their step-by-step photographs and keen sense of instruction allow anyone to learn something new.