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Addi Needles

I can’t even begin to tell you how many different types of knitting needles I have tried.  I have some beautiful exotic wood straight needles that I just love to look at but find I don’t use very often.  I think I was just too excited when I saw these beauties that I bought them when really I love working with circular knitting needles.  The main reason for this is I love to knit in the round.  If there is a pattern for a scarf that I want to knit I will do everything in my power to modify the pattern and knit a cowl so I can knit in the round.  Second, I like to have a shorter tip to hold on to, the straight needles seem to be too long and cumbersome for me.  Let me tell you about my favorite circular knitting needles, Addi!

Addi circular knitting needles are a dream to work with!  I love how pliable the cords are and the connection between the cord and the needles is flawlessly smooth, exactly what you have been looking for.  The pliable cord is so important, especially if you want to do magic loop with your circular needles.  Addi needles are my go-to needle for magic loop!

Addi Turbo is the needle that started it all.  They have brass tips with just the right amount of slip.  I love using these for most projects.  The tips are not too pointy so I like using them for DK weight or heavier yarn.  These needles have a silver finish so they look different than the lace needles.

If you need a sharper point for a lightweight yarn or lace work, look no further than Addi Lace.  These needles have just the right amount of sharp to their point.  There is also a different finish to these needles that provides a little resistance to keep your stitches in place, a very nice feature to give you more control.  Your Addi Lace needles have a gold color finish that makes them easily identifiable.

Check out some of my favorite needles, I hope you can find a new favorite!

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