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Addi Turbo Knitting Needles

Choosing the proper knitting accessories and knitting tools can go a long way in terms of getting the quality result that you’re looking for and enjoying the process of your knitting. Why not enjoy your favorite pastime instead of getting frustrated by the knitting tools that you’re selecting? Taking the time to select the proper equipment is key, and there are many different needle shapes and sizes to consider that can best serve your current project, including Addi turbo knitting needles.

The width of your needles go a long way in determining the overall look of your knitting piece. Wide needles will result in a larger stitch and a looser, more elastic finished product. Using smaller needles will result in a smaller stitch and most often a thicker, tighter piece. Needle length should also be taken into consideration, and you should choose a needle of sufficient length to comfortably stitch from row to row. Larger pieces are usually easier worked on with larger needles and smaller projects are well served by smaller needles. For any size knitting job ADDI Turbo knitting needles are fantastic choices that are developing a large following. Manufactured in Germany, they are quality handmade needles that have the unique ADDI finish and highly flexible cables to accentuate their overall outstanding quality.

Another consideration regarding knitting tools and crochet supplies is selecting the best material to fit your knitting project. Aluminum, bamboo and plastic are popular choices and it’s important to factor in the skill level of the knitter and the yarn being used when selecting your type of needles. It is usually best for beginners to avoid needles that are slippery and more prone to causing the yarn to slide off. Experienced knitters tend to prefer smoother needles that allow the stitching to move in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Bamboo needles are more flexible than plastic or metal needles and are excellent for beginners. Be careful however, because they are more likely to break. Metal needles are the heaviest variety and very reliable, but their slippery nature makes them best for experienced knitters who are focused on speed. They are a favorite among knitters in terms of working on projects composed of wool and acrylics. Plastic needles are flexible and are a user-friendly choice for larger projects, especially ones made of yarn. Wooden needles are much like bamboo needles in that they are an excellent choice for beginners. Be careful in terms of their tendency to break, and keep them in mind for slippery yarn projects.

Just be sure to choose your knitting tools and crochet supplies carefully, and that will go a long way towards the quality of your finished product and the enjoyment that you receive from your knitting projects!

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