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Enchanted Knits: Knits fit for a Fairy Tale

Enchanted Knits: Knits fit for a Fairy Tale

This amazing magazine covers some of the quintessential fiber fairy tales, some we know well and others you might not have heard of. A designer discuss why we love trees in stories and reuses their motifs in our knitting. Judith Mackenzie writes a retelling of “The Princess who Spun Nettles” one of the lesser known knitting stories which combines classic elements with “just one more row” moments. There is some talk of Baba Yaga and I’m sure you realized that you can’t talk about fairy tales without a discussion of the Brothers Grim.
This is a lovely issue for knitters who love their fairy tales, want a little knitting history mixed and with 27 project inspired by childhood and designed for adults, it gives a tasteful way to express our love of stories with the look of a costume.

Some of the patterns I am charmed by are the Woodcutter’s socks and manly design with cables, and Rumplestiltskin’s Wrap a hooded wrap with a golden color and pattern that brings to mind woven wheat and bales of straw. Both patterns have lovely charting which allows for easy working an modest adaptions as needed.
I thing I adore most about this collection is the combination of whimsy with real information that is easy to connect to. This collection understands that Fairy tales are constantly shifting to fit our needs just as our knitting does! Pick up this enchanting collection and see how many yarns you recognize!

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