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Paradise Fibers Blog / Dr. Yarn

Fine and Dandy: Vogue knitting Early Fall 2014

You know you want to… it is that dirty knitting secret that you joke about doing but have never found the perfect pattern for… KNITTED BOW TIES! This Early Fall Vogue Knitting includes some of my favorite small pieces of men’s wear Bow Ties, Ties and Statement Socks! Theses charming socks were co-inspired by vogue […]
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Enchanted Knits: Knits fit for a Fairy Tale

Enchanted Knits: Knits fit for a Fairy Tale This amazing magazine covers some of the quintessential fiber fairy tales, some we know well and others you might not have heard of. A designer discuss why we love trees in stories and reuses their motifs in our knitting. Judith Mackenzie writes a retelling of “The Princess […]
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A Scottish Yarn on NPR

I know that many people find NPR All Things Considered to be just about cultural fluff, but for those of us who love the fluff of fiber their resent article and interview with Scottish knitters and spinners was some awesome fluff. In fact you can see that fluff being spun into lovely Shetland lace weight […]
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Noro Knitting Magazine: Color!

Ever wonder how to make those crazy interweaving patterns of color projects with Noro Yarns? When you look at a skein of Noro you see amazing colors –and an overwhelming fear of working with them? Here is a solution- An issue of Noro Knitting all about Color! The best thing about Noro is the color, […]
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Natural Dye Kit: Dye-Lishus® Nature’s Paintbox

  So today I’ll be demoing Nature’s Paintbox which contains Dye-Lishus Cotton® with Aquarelle Plant Extract® liquid dyes in a kit. So the cool thing about Dye-Lishus Cotton® is that it has been pre-mordanted to accept dyes- you just need hot water soap the yarn and dyes. The dyes just need to be added to […]
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Staff Picks! Sara

Staff Picks! Here is where once a month the staff picks a product that is either new or a favorite and reviews it! So I thought we could start with Sara! Sara is the amazing woman who runs easily half of everything and has the desk to the right of mine. Sara knows nearly all […]
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Leftover Yarn

Look for something to do with you left over hanks, scraps, or chunks of yarn? Some of our ideas are relatively well known, but it never hurts to be reminded! Pompoms for adorning future projects or decorating gift wrap. Coffee cozy for your coffee cups – Try using drastically different yarns in different parts. Add […]
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Recycled Sari Silk: Yarns and Fiber

Sari sometimes translated to “strip of cloth” is the traditional women’s garment in the Indian subcontinent.  Saris are made with a few different types of fibers, but silk is the most well known.Sari silk is often made of silk filaments that are spun together and then woven into the final garment, most of our recycled […]
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Easter is comming!

  Easter is around the corner and is Spring coming with it. We’ve brain stormed some awesome ideas for your Easter projects and you’ve got plenty of time to finish all or some of them.   Looking for an Easter basket that won’t break, and can be cleaned? Try felting one! Fiber Trends pattern FT232 […]
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The Dye Lot Dilemma!

When you suddenly realize you don’t have enough skeins for your intended project, whatever the reason. Your dog ate your final skein, you thought you had enough yarn, your math was off, you realized the dye lots are different after the fact, you have a dye lot dilemma! There are a few different solutions if […]
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Lots and Lots of Dye Lots

  A Dye Lot is a batch of yarn that was dyed together at the same time under the same conditions. A dye lot generally has very little variation in the colors, for large single color projects having a single dye lot can make or break you project. All the yarn from a dye lot […]
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Knitting with Mohair

Knitting with Mohair I’m brain storming, now in the cold weather time as I imagine the warmth of summer, I want handmade garments for summer. I have decided to start with a late spring/summer evening project: Mohair shawl Everyone has told me that knitting with mohair is difficult and I have likewise discovered this as […]
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