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Self-dyed Spring Wristlets

My yarn is on the left dyed with Louet’s Gaywool Aster, Cornflower and Orchid, while my Dad’s on the right is dyed with Mandarin Orange, Crab Apple and Mulberry.

Being the only fiber person in my family, I’m often asked to make something for someone. My Mom or Dad will see a skein of yarn that catches their eye and bring it home asking “will you make something out of it?” More often than not, there is no good way to say no to family or friends. Which is how, I am now in the odd position to make something for my Dad , but rather than just some yarn that caught his fancy he is honestly invested in it. When the last open house included a mini-class in dyeing sock yarn, Dad and I joined in and each dyed a skein.

Having done very little with sock weight yarn, as I can’t quite spin so fine, I spent quite a few weeks looking in all of the books I could find for something perfect just for myself.

I settled for a set of “Spring Garden Shorties” from Sock-Yarn One Skein Wonders designed by Cathleen Campbell. I’ve never been a swell double pointed knitter, but I bought set of Kollege Square Needles. The gauge is about a half size bigger but it’s working.  I don’t know if it is 100% fact, but it feels like with the square shape I have less of a problem with stitches slipping off.

Here are my wristlets the first pair is on the right with the tiny uncomfortable thumb, my second pair is on the left with a correct thumb.



Having no trouble at all with starting, without twisting the round, I discovered my first issue being working the thumb. I foolishly didn’t read and re-read the pattern before attempting to “work in established pattern to end of round.” With tiny little thumbs I made a set of lovely little wristlets.





I now wear these while I type a work on the days where it feels like my hands will never warm up! They also keep me from burning my hands when I get a coffee with no sleeve…


Realizing that I had plenty of yarn to try to make a different set of something, I settled on making the same wristlets again. Yet with this set I knew the pattern well enough (one whole pair down) to not make the same mistakes again.

In the end I was left for just enough for 2 standard size beer cozies that somehow have found a home with my brother.



However, having finished my projects, I find myself in the awkward position of making something for my Dad… Just not sure what I’m going to make… Suggestions?

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