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Black Friday Wheels & Looms 4

Schacht Baby Wolf Looms-Floor Looms-4 Shaft-
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Schacht Baby Wolf Looms

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Louet David Floor Looms with New Sliding Beater-Floor Looms-David 70 (27") 8 Harness Loom- with New Beater-
Louet David III Floor Looms with New Hinged Beater

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From $4,770.00
Louet Spring Floor Loom-Floor Looms-Spring 90 (35") 8 Harness Loom-
Louet Spring II Floor Loom

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From $6,915.00
Louet Delta Floor Looms-Floor Looms-Delta 110 (44") 12 Harness Loom-
Louet Dobby Loom - Megado 70cm/27.5"-Floor Looms-32 Shaft-
Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10 Loom-Looms-Without Height Extender-