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Knit for Kids

Paradise Fibers will be accepting donations of hats and scarves now, through Saturday, March 31st. Shop this collection of yarn we've put together that would make a fabulous garment for children to wear and love. Get out your needles and hooks and cast on a project to give back to your community. Everyone who participates will be entered in a drawing to win one of three gift cards worth $50 at Paradise Fibers.  Each finished project will get you one entry in the drawing.  All donations must be received by Saturday, March 31st for entry in the drawing.  All donations are to be dropped off or mailed to Paradise Fibers and we will deliver the finished donations to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital after Saturday, March 31st.  When you drop off your items we would love to get your picture to share with all our customers in a future newsletter.
If you are mailing your items please include the following information; your name, phone number, and email for entry in the drawing.  It would also be great to include care instructions for the finished project.  Please mail finished projects to:
Paradise Fibers
225 West Indiana
Spokane, WA 99205
Paradise Fibers Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital Knit For Kids