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Paradise Fibers Silk Collection

We carry a wide range of silk products from the beginning of silks journey in a cocoon form to the gum that is in that cocoon to boiled and stretched cocoons (hankies). From Wild Tussah Silk in many shades to exotic cultivated silk (mulberry) in many shiny shades. Silk is one of the most luxurious fibers in the world due to it's strength, shine, drape and softness. Mulberry silk is the best quality silk you can buy. It is produced from the silk worms of the Bombyx Mori Moth. Their diet consists of Mulberry leaves. Our Mulberry silk is produced in a controlled warm environment. Tussah silk is a wild silk made from wild tussah silk worms who eat Juniper and Oak Leaves. As the silk is produced in the wild and not in a controlled environment, the silk tends to be courser and less lustrous than Mulberry Silk. All of our silk products would be fantastic worked into a needle or wet felting project, hand dyed, hand spun, or woven into a beautiful project.
Paradise Fibers De-Gummed Silk Cocoons-Fiber-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers De-Gummed Silk Cocoons

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Paradise Fibers Grade A Mulberry Silk Fiber-Fiber-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers Grade A Mulberry Silk Fiber

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Paradise Fibers Premium Silk Hankies-Fiber-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers Premium Silk Hankies

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Paradise Fibers Mulberry Silk Noil-Fiber-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers Mulberry Silk Noil

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Paradise Fibers Cultivated Silk Caps (1 oz bag)-Fiber-
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