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Ashford Belt Shuttle for Inkle and Inklette Looms-Loom Accessory-
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Ashford Boat Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-35cm (14")-
Ashford Boat Shuttles

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Ashford Stick Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-15cm (6")-
Ashford Stick Shuttles

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Ashford Wavy Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-16" (40cm)-
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Ashford Wavy Shuttles

26 reviews
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Kromski Stick Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-4"-
Kromski Stick Shuttles

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LeClerc's Plastic Boat Shuttles in all four colors
Leclerc Colored Boat Shuttles

18 reviews
Leclerc Double Boat Shuttle-Weaving Accessory-
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Leclerc Double Boat Shuttle

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LeClerc Flat Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-6 inch-
Leclerc Large Boat Shuttle-Weaving Accessory-
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Leclerc Regular Boat Shuttle-Weaving Accessory-
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Leclerc Regular Boat Shuttle

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Leclerc Slim Boat Shuttle-Weaving Accessory-
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Leclerc Slim Boat Shuttle

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Leclerc Small Boat Shuttle-Weaving Accessory-
Leclerc Small Boat Shuttle

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Louet Fly Shuttle with 5 Pirns-Weaving Accessory-
Louet Flying Dutchman Shuttle-Weaving Accessory-
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Louet Flying Dutchman Shuttle

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Schacht 12in End Delivery Shuttle SH5031-Knitting Accessory-
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Schacht End Delivery Shuttle

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Schacht Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Dyed Boat Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-Natural 9" Mini-
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Schacht Ski Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-18"-
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